Dragons Beyond the Gates

Upon cliffs overlooking the sea, the great castle sits poised as a serpent readying to strike. It’s spires reaching toward a distant sky as if a hand grasping the very heavens. Beyond, the city bellows from its gates rolling down the sloped landscape towards the water, forced toward the sea by a grand wall and five towers that could be castles in their own right looming over the city like fingers preparing to grab the very city they protect. Frosthold, the last free city of men within the frozen wastelands of Turim. A thriving metropolis protected by the last of the Imperial Knights. This is were it begins, were one must go to learn to hunt the masters of Turim, the beasts of legend known as dragons.

Expedition Points 0/11
Adventure Log
1st post: 1 destiny point
2nd post: 1 Cache Point
3nd post: 1 skill point
4th post: 1 ability point
5th post: 1 Hp per level
6th post: +1 CMD vs chosen maneuver
7th post: 1 cache point
8th post: 1 skill point
9th post: 1 HP per level
10th post: 1 cache point
11th post: 1 ability point
12th post: bonus feat

Dragons of Frosthold

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