Baroness Sea Breeze Trail-Maker

Noble Rogue Centaur


Scout Rogue
Size: L
AC: 17
HP: 40

Languages: Common, Giant, Draconic, Undercommon


Home: Frosthold- Skydew Valley District

Class: Noble (Family owns a chain of trading posts and within Frosthold trading shops)

When she was about 10 the Quavis family, Drow nobles that were family friends, were (unjustly) stripped of their title and holdings due to a relation being discovered as a traitor. The Quavis family was sent down into Shadetown to live a poor existence. The Trail-Makers continued to support their friends in less overt ways, using the friendship of Sea Breeze and Llelace Quavis as a cover. Sea Breeze would “steal away” to Shadetown to visit her friend, this deemed her socially as a “Wild Child” to other nobles. As a child she was naturally too “naive or stupid” to forego traveling with either jewelry or a heavy purse and was constantly “robbed” of them on the way to her friend’s. Due to her unease of traveling though Shadetown, Llelace trained Sea Breeze how to be a rogue, allowing her more confidence and skill.

Baroness Sea Breeze Trail-Maker

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